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TAO Curaçao BV is a resourceful multifaceted independent consultancy based in Curaçao with an international outlook. Our team strives for innovation and progress while creatively dealing with the risk-taking, managing, and execution that comes with it. Management Consulting, Event Organizing, and Development Support based on an entrepreneurial mindset are part of our corporate DNA and represent our core business at TAO Curaçao BV.

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Our Services

Want to know how TAO can assist you? Take a look at some of the main areas you can expect our team to assist you in. But don't hesitate to contact us with your issue. We will gladly think along with you to see whether we or our trusted colleagues from other companies in our network may help you.

Business Management

TAO Consultants can be contacted for advice on Corporate Matters, Financial Management strategy, Brand Building, Sales & Marketing Management, Public Relations, Risk and Crisis management, Media training and handling, and presentation development and coaching. We emphasize relationship management and empowering others within your organization to achieve business objectives with profitable outcomes.

Communication Services

Companies, organizations, and individuals looking to improve, structure, and implement internal and external communication procedures can count on the experience and expertise of TAO Curaçao BV. TAO's highly skilled consultants are also ready to develop and execute communication plans. Other services related to communications are a broad range of linguistic services including translations to and from a variety of languages provided by the language consulting department.

Entrepreneurship Advancement

Our main goal is to help top-level decision-makers to act based on the philosophy of true entrepreneurs. To us, entrepreneurship is primarily about business success and about the willingness to assume responsibility in order to achieve it. TAO Consultants act on the decision-making process and solve problems. We are part of a network of entrepreneurs, uniquely positioned to provide objective input as a trusted independent partner. We support our clients in anticipating and responding to market trends and developments, so we explore unconventional ideas to add exceptional value for them.

Hospitality Consulting

Tourism is booming in Curaçao and looking to attract lots of highly motivated and skilled people to make it even more successful and sustainable. TAO's hospitality professionals are prepared to assist hotels, restaurants, caterers, attractions, and related hospitality facilities in starting, improving or turning around their business. TAO services range from (interim) management to strategy development, training, workshops, and total company set up, change management, and dissolvation.


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Education Innovation

Educational organizations, schools. and students are offered guidance in their journey to bring about major organizational, strategic, and professional development and changes on structural as well as on implementation level. TAO Consultants are remarkably adept at helping youngsters and educators and educational institutions alike in realizing their educational and career objectives.


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Meet our Leaders

James Daniels


Samari Barriento

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Ethan Oliver


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The collaborative process of web development requires close integration of technology and design - two disciplines that inform one another.

James Daniels

Best. Clients. Ever.

What's a company without its clients? Nada. Niente. Ingenting. Nothing. We are truly grateful to each and every one of our clients for trusting us with their business. Many of whom we have been able to serve repeatedly or continuously over the years. We look forward to continuing to nurture our relationship and to making new connections.

Fundashon Negoshi Pikiña

Encouraging and being part of the hands-on development of entrepreneurial skills and entrepreneurial generations is at the core of what we stand for at TAO Curaçao. As project manager for the in-school mini-company program for Fundashon Negoshi Pikiña we get to take part in the development of our entrepreneurial nation based on the belief that vision is the ability to see potential in what others overlook.

Academy Hotel Curaçao

Academy Hotel Curaçao is a dynamic city hotel and restaurant that doubles as a customer-oriented practical training facility for mainly local students in the hospitality sector in the heart of historic Willemstad. Tao Curaçao offers interim management and turn-around management services to this project offering young professionals-in-training the ideal hands-on learning experience while providing adventurous and socially conscious guests a unique first-hand experience of and contribution to the island's hospitality development.

Fundashon Tur Ta Konta

It is said that students don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care. As project coordinator for Fundashon Tur Ta Konta we see that this is very true. The volunteer-based one-on-one tutoring program for kids in groups 6, 7, and 8 at participating schools offers a wonderful way to those looking to make a difference.


TAO Consultants have been called upon to work together with the CEO of Korpodeko on the company's internal and external communication, marketing, and events. For years, TAO has been able to consult and assist Korpodeko on policies on organizational behavior, change management, and the realization of a large number of projects and product roll-outs.


Translation is not just about words. It's about submerging into an entire company culture, to ensure the essence as well as the heart and soul of the company culture gets across. It is a privilege to be part of transmitting the essence of Kooyman BV's company culture.

Mikro Fiansa

At TAO Curaçao we love being part of the process leading to development, growth, and progress. Working with Korpodeko on projects like its Micro Finance program together with the Ministry of Social Development, Labor, and Welfare and the Ministry of Economic Development of Curaçao has had a far-reaching impact which has been recognized internationally.

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We make hip and exciting web sites. Big and Small. Concept development, interface design, production management, strategic planning, usability testing.

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